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Bobcat (Felis rufus)

description of the animal

Bobcat (Felis rufus)


The Bobcat (Felis rufus), which belongs to the genus of the cats, is a mammalian carnivore. With its gray or brown soft and dense coat, it looks like a big cat.

It is named after his short bobbed tail and lives in the area of Canada, throughout the United States, to North Mexico. Bobcats can be found in forests, mountain regions and even near human populations. They prefer to hunt rabbits, rats, reptiles and several other small animals such as squirrels or birds. Deer can be on their menu as well.

They mate mostly during the late winter and the gestation period is 50-70 days. After that time, the female gives usually birth to one to six kittens which live near the mother for 8 to 11 months. The Bobcat is considered as an endangered species in many States of the USA because it is still hunted for its fur.


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