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Scorpion (Scorpiones)

description of the animal

Scorpion (Scorpiones)


The scorpions are an order of arachnids. Worldwide, about 1400 species are known. Scorpions reach heights of between 9 millimeters on the way Typhlochactas mitchelli and 21 centimeters at the Emperor scorpions and Hadogenes troglodytes.

They live mostly in sandy or rocky soils or near the bottom of the tropics and subtropics, deserts and semi deserts. A few species are arboreal climbing, mountaineers, cave dwellers, and remain at a plant that thrives near human habitation. There are only a small number of species for which stitch to humans can be fatal.

Scorpions can be found worldwide on all continents except Antarctica. In America, extends their range from southern Canada to southern South America. In Europe you can find them with a northern distribution to the south of Austria and Switzerland. Scorpions feed on various invertebrates such as insects and arachnids, rarely by snails and small vertebrates such as rodents, snakes and lizards. The food selection is species-specific, more or less pronounced, only the way Isometroides vescus is considered a specialist food and eats only a few species of spiders grave border.


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