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Elephant Seal

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Elephant Seal (Mirounga)


The family of the seals includes an amazing mammalian carnivore; called the Elephant Seal (Mirounga).Two species are known: the Northern Elephant Seal, which is found in the Pacific coast of Canada, the United States and Mexico and the Southern Elephant Seal, which can be found in the shores of New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.

Its name derives from his 40 cm large, nose, which looks like a trunk of an elephant and produces extreme loud roaring noises. It has a fusiform body and a length of 6-7 meters, weighing up to 3000 kg. His skin is covered by a thick grey coat and his front limbs have large fins which help it to be very agile in the water, where it hunts and feeds with fishes, crustaceans and especially cephalopod mollusks.

From Mai to July it is swimming in the open sea migrating from one region to another. On September, the females give birth to a young after a gestation period of 11 months.

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